E-Cigarette Fire Erupts on American Airlines Flight

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In 2015, the U.S. Department of Transportation banned e-cigarettes from being packed in checked baggage, and yet, the new law still allowed for them to be packed in carry-on bags, as long as they were not charged on flights.

The law was a result of safety risks surrounding the e-cigarette batteries which have the capability of starting fires.

Yet, a recent news story shows that the safety risk is still real when e-cigs are brought into carry-ons on planes.

Vape pen and e-cigarettes laid out. (Photo via iStock / Getty Images Plus / HAZEMMKAMAL)

American Airlines announced that a passenger’s e-cigarette battery caused a small fire after Flight 168 landed from Las Vegas to Chicago O’Hare International Airport on Friday night.

Leslie Scott, an American Airlines spokeswoman, told Fox News that the e-cigarette’s battery overheated and flight attendants had to stomp out the fire.

None of the 138 passengers or crew were injured in the incident.

The incident was reported to the Federal Aviation Administration, according to Scott.

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