Diana and Prince Charles’ Greek honeymoon cruise was devastated by secret ‘blow’

Princess Diana found honeymoon 'frustrating' says expert

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana married in 1981 when they were aged just 33 and 19, respectively. Though the royal couple had experienced what looked like a fairytale wedding, it was on their honeymoon that their marriage was hit with a “blow”.

Speaking as part of Channel 5 documentary The Royals on Holiday, a number of Royal Family experts explained how this romantic holiday became one filled with “frustration”.

Royal tradition saw many younger members of the Royal Family take their honeymoon onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Alongside Princess Anne and Princess Margaret, Prince Charles too decided to have his honeymoon with bride Princess Diana on the yacht.

After their marriage at St Paul’s Cathedral, the young couple embarked on sailing around the Greek islands.

However, it seems the Princess ended up being “terribly upset” during their travels.

“There is this very moving picture of them looking out holding on to the side and you could see that things weren’t going well even now Diana looked terribly upset,” said royal biographer Angela Levin.

Richard Kay, editor-at-large of the Daily Mail explained this was largely due to the differences which were beginning to emerge between the Princess and her new husband.

“We discovered that Diana found being cooped up on the royal yacht rather frustrating especially because Prince Charles wanted to spend his day reading books about philosophy and she wants to have a bit more fun,” Mr Kay explained.

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However, things were set to take a dramatic turn when she made a shocking discovery.

Paul Burrell, former servant to Princess Diana said: “Fatefully one night she found a pair of cufflinks with intertwined c’s.

“She thought they were Chanel in her naive way and then suddenly realised the c’s were Charles and Camilla.

“I think finding a pair of cufflinks from Prince Charles’ former lover on your honeymoon must have been quite a blow for the princess.”

The journey which was supposed to be a romantic holiday celebrating the couple’s marriage was also one filled with duties.

“A honeymoon is the most personal and private moment in a married couple’s life and there they were, Prince Charles and Diana, sharing it with a company of officers and men who saluted,” said Richard Kay.

“Hardly something you would normally associate with a honeymoon.”

Princess Diana in particular is said to have grown tired of the many protocols the pair had to follow.

“What surprised the princess was that every country they went to they had to give a state dinner for the king of that country or the president,” said Mr Burrell.

“She did turn to Prince Charles and say: ‘I thought this was our honeymoon.

“‘I didn’t realise it was a state visit.'”

According to the Channel 5 documentary, it seems the yacht itself was somewhat tainted.

“Every marriage that began on the Royal Yacht would soon end in divorce,” states the documentary.

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