Cruise ship dating app launches to spark holiday romances at sea – plus swinging

A holiday romance is many single travellers ideal way to spend a week abroad – and some even find the love of their life.

However, it can be tricky to meet people who are available when away – especially if you’re on an enclosed vessel like a cruise ship.

While a week of all-inclusive dinner dates, poolside cocktails and day trips out to romantic towns is the perfect recipe for romance lots of people are too shy to approach strangers on board.

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Well, one dating platform has launched that could make your dreams come true.

Cruise Ship Mingle seeks to match up some of the 31.5million holidaymakers who apparently board a ship each year.

Those who are single can sign up to the dating app and plug in their ship to find the single guests.

That means you can then chat, arrange to meet up and see if you’re a perfect match while sailing.

Others use the app for a discreet way to hook up with others on board without their friends finding out they’re looking!

To sign up you can create a profile and list what you’re looking for. Then you can refine your search by categories like cruise name, departure port, date of departure and cruise destination.

Those signed up can use the inbuilt messenger and Live Chat to speak discreetly to others on board. Some profiles even include couples looking to find a third on the ship!

There are a number of options for romance-seeking cruisers when it comes to their profile.

You can sign up for the free version which gives you access to most of the features – or upgrade for live chats or to send DMs.

A silver membership lets you message cruisers for $25 a month (£19..61) while gold membership lets you live chat with them. Gold membership costs $40 a month (£31.38).

You can even start searching before you get on board so you can make plans for your cruise.

After all, why not head out on a romantic dinner date on your first night at sea – with a show that doesn’t cost you any extra?

Founder and CEO John Kamau told PRnewswire: "As an avid cruise goer, I have been to more than a dozen cruises and always wanted to connect with people on my cruise, if possible get to know them before I embark on the cruise.

But this was impossible as there was no single platform exclusively for that. That is how Cruise Ship Mingle was born.

Several studies show that people engage in romantic activities three times more when on vacation than at home. Since cruises provide a more conducive environment for that, as people are together for long with alcohol flowing, chances are even higher."

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