COVID-19 International Travel: These Countries Are on the CDC's "Safe" List

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say domestic travel for vaccinated Americans is safe, they’re more cautious with COVID-19 for international travel. For example, if you’re currently unvaccinated, the CDC suggests delaying any international travel. Even if you do have your shots, you might want to reconsider world travel during a pandemic. However, there’s a very select list of international destinations the CDC considers low-risk. We went through the “Level 1: COVID-19 Low” list and found some of the best countries that fall into two major categories:


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  1. Travelers from the U.S. are permitted (see you in 2022, New Zealand and Australia).
  2. Quarantine periods are less than 14 days.

Of course, no matter where you travel internationally, there are some procedural hoops such as negative COVID-19 tests and quarantines you’ll need to jump through. It’s also important to note that before returning to the United States, you’re required to have a negative COVID-19 test no more than three days before travel—or documentation you’ve recovered from COVID-19 in the past three months.

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Here’s our list of some of the “low risk” countries that’ll let you in now. It should go without saying you should wear a mask, practice social distancing, and wash your hands often. And if you don’t feel like spending part of your vacation in quarantine, here are 50 of the most epic adventures in America.

COVID-19 International Travel: These Countries Are on the CDC’s “Safe” List

1. Anguilla

Located east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, Anguilla is known for its white sand and beach bars. The surrounding coral reefs of this British overseas territory are a popular destination for snorkelers and scuba divers.

What you need to know: Travelers must apply and be approved to visit, and need to submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test 3–5 days before traveling. Multi-generational families or groups that include a mix of vaccinated/unvaccinated people must quarantine for 10 days. In addition, visitors must have travel health insurance that covers COVID-19.

2. British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are dotted with small bays and isolated coves, making them a favorite destination for sailors and the yacht set. The 60-plus islands of the British territory provide plenty of quiet places to relax in the sun.

What you need to know: Visitors need a travel authorization and a negative PCR test five days before arrival. In addition, travelers will be tested upon arrival and required to quarantine for four days at approved properties. On the fourth day, there’s another PCR test. If the test is negative, travelers will be allowed to move within the territory.

3. Grenada

About 100 miles north of Venezuela, Grenada is also known as the “Spice Island.” Travelers can visit inland chocolate and spice farms, or explore the streets of the beautiful harbor capital of St. George’s.

What you need to know: Visitors need a negative PCR test within three days of travel. Before traveling, you’ll need a travel certificate. After quarantining at a government-approved accommodation, you can leave after four or five days, as long as you have another negative COVID-19 test.

4. St. Kitts and Nevis

Just two miles apart, the sister islands of St. Kitts and Nevis offer rain forests, historic ruins, and beautiful Caribbean beaches. Due to COVID-19, the country’s government is offering “vacation in place” options at approved hotels and resorts.

What you need to know: Travelers need a negative COVID-19 PCR test less than 72 hours before the start of their trip. On arrival, you must “vacation in place” at government-approved property for seven days. Visitors who want to stay longer must take a second PCR test. If negative, they can book select excursions and destinations starting on the eighth day. For stays of 14 days or longer, you’ll need a third negative PCR test.

5. Thailand

Whether you want to see Bangkok’s temples or relax on tropical beaches, Thailand is on the bucket list for a lot of travelers. With a reputation for being friendly to foreign visitors, the country is also famous for its flavorful curries, salads, soups, and noodle dishes.

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What you need to know: Before booking travel, you must apply for a certificate of entry that includes health insurance information. Visitors must have a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours before arrival and quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

6. Uganda

Bordering Lake Victoria and the snow-capped Rwenzori mountains, Uganda is famous for its natural beauty. With a wide range of ethnic groups and 50 spoken languages, the Central Africa country is celebrated for its cultural diversity.

What you need to know: Travelers must have a negative PCR test no more than five days before departure. There’s currently no quarantine requirement.

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