Business class plane passenger applauded for refusing to switch her seat

A holidaymaker has slammed a woman after she asked them to swap seats with her husband – despite she and her husband sitting in different seat classes. The passenger had been willing to swap if it was for an equal seat, but was gobsmacked by her cheek when they learned where her spouse was sitting.

The traveller took to Reddit to share the bonkers experience where they asked for other peoples opinion on the matter. They noted that they had booked a bulkhead business class seat – that’s a larger seat with better food at the front of the cabin so it has extra legroom.

However, after sitting in their spacious and comfortable spot the woman sitting next to them asked if they would be willing to swap seats so that she could sit with her spouse. The passenger was furious when he found out her husband was sitting way back in the plane in economy.

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They explained on Reddit, and said: "I boarded the aircraft and went to my business class bulkhead window seat. [I was] getting ready to settle in for a long flight. A woman came to the aisle seat and placed her bag on the seat. She looked at me and asked me if I would be willing to trade with her husband so that he and she could sit together."

They asked her where her spouse was sitting to be told he was back in row 25 – in economy. The poster declined to swap believing that the woman was trying to scam her partner a seat in a nicer cabin without paying the extra cost like everyone else in business class had.

The Reddit user then explained how the woman was getting "visibly upset" when they had refused the swap, and stated that she "couldn't believe" she wasn't allowed to sit next to her husband. They added: "I suggested that she trade her seat with whoever was sitting next to her husband so that they could sit together. She snorted and told me she had paid for a First Class ticket! I smiled slightly and said that, indeed, I had as well."

In the comments, people swarmed to tell the passenger that they hadn’t done anything wrong. Many were also surprised at the woman’s gall to ask for someone else’s seat.

"I can't believe she thought this would work. What a moron," one person said, while another added: "You know this has worked at least once in her life or she wouldn't even try."

The woman isn’t the only person to be cheeky when trying to get an eat they’re not entitled to. A mum also asked a woman to give up her second seat for her toddler son. But, the woman refused because she had paid for the second seat because she was "fat" and needed the room. The child did not have a seat and was meant to be a baby-in-arms.

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