Britons have fondest memories of UK road trips than foreign travels – Lake District comes

Lake District National Park from Above – Our Best Bits (HD)

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Road trips have always been firm favourites, but it has now been revealed to what extent Britons cherish them. In an incredible study by Zipcar UK, it was revealed 91 percent of Britons have their fondest memories of road trips in the UK.

This was compared with just 22 percent having happy memories of foreign car journeys.

Britain was a favourite for current road trips too, with four in five parents saying they would take their children on the same road trips they went on as kids.

The best memories were of seaside road trips, while half of Britons have happy memories of going to visit relatives.

To understand why road trips produced such powerful memories, Zipcar UK asked psychotherapist Hilda Burke for her thoughts.

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She said: “Visiting these childhood haunts can be very cathartic, helping us to re-connect to the feelings and love we hold for the old friends and family members we associate with them.

“Travelling by car, rather than plane, produces even stronger memories, giving us time to reflect on these memories as we take in all the sights and smells of the road trip.”

Top unforgettable road trips were also voted on, with the first spot taken by the Lake District.

A popular staycation destination, the Lake District has been loved by many generations of Britons and also celebrated its 70th anniversary this year.

The second unforgettable road trip was New Forest.

The National Park is home to ponies, cattle, donkeys and deer, all roaming free.

In third place, the Welsh National Park of Snowdonia was in many Britons’ memories.

Often included in best of lists, it was recently revealed to be one of the most popular viewpoints for van owners.

On social media, Britons have been sharing their favourite road trips.

The Jurassic Coast and Durdle Door got multiple mentions.

Durdle Door is a fantastically picturesque location, almost tailor-made for social media sharing.

Just around the corner, Man O’War Beach was also mentioned.

Cornwall was unsurprisingly on the list of most beloved road trips too.

Tintagel and Padstow were two locations that Britons loved sharing with their followers.

Staycation destination favourites, such as Scotland’s NC500 and the Peak District were also popular.

The North West and the “wild seas of Northumberland” were also great road trip’s destinations, according to Britons.
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