guests turn up at woman’s London home after ‘nightmare’ mistake

Karen Arsenius, 37, has had several holidaymakers knocking on her door believing that her home is their accommodation.

She reported that in the last month alone, 20 visitors have appeared on her doorstep in the last month alone.

Some guests have even searched for a key safe inside of her London home.

The Londoner, who is considering legal action according to the BBC, said that the situation was “very frustrating” for her.

After so many times of the same thing happening, she asserted that it “needs to stop somehow”.

Karen told the publication that holidaymakers were showing up at her house from all over the world.

Some potential guests were from Argentina, Algeria, Canada, the USA and India.

According to Karen, the mix-up occurred because her street’s postcode was used on, with her house just beneath the pin drop.

On one occasion, the generous Londoner invited guests in when they turned up at her home, offering them a place to stay when they were out of alternative arrangements.

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When three women from Argentina came to the south east London address thinking they had a booking there, Karen tried to help them sort proper accommodation.

Taking them to the pub at 8pm, she attempted to resolve the situation on but was “shockingly” in the same boat by midnight.

She told the BBC: “They had nowhere to go and we tried all the local hotels but everything was booked out.

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“There was nothing free so in the end we said ‘we’re not comfortable with just letting you go out in the night so let’s just make up some beds in the living room and you can just stay here.”

But she added that it “shouldn’t have got that far” and should have been sorted “even if is put out”.

Sabrina Salomé Schneider, 31, who arrived in London for two weeks in May, turned up at Karen’s home and described the situation as a “nightmare” and claimed that while the family tried to help, she is still waiting on money from after having to book a second place for accommodation. has contacted for comment.

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