‘Bloke ordered me to move my bags from a seat on an empty train but I refused’

A woman has gained support online after explaining why she refused to move her bag off a train seat to let a man sit down.

Usually, it’s polite to make sure that other people are able to sit down on busy public transport.

Anyone who chooses to leave their bags on a seat on the tube or train while others are forced to stand would be labelled rude.

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However one woman in her 30s told people on Reddit that she decided to leave her bags in place when asked to move them.

She commented that she was sitting in a train carriage on one of the four-seater sections with a table.

The traveller spread her bags and belongings out so that she was comfortable.

The woman noted that a man asked her to move her things – despite there being barely anyone else on the train.

She explained that only five or six other people were in the carriage so there were lots of free seats.

But, she grabbed her things to move them anyway and went to sit at a different table only for the man to follow.

She recalled: "Before I could even get my shoes off, the dude was standing in front of me and said, 'move your bag'. I asked why.

"He said that he wanted to sit there. I answered that he had been wanting that certain seat that I vacated for him, so I don't see why he would want to switch seats.

"He scoffed and explained that it was not about the specific seat but about 'entitled people who think their bags deserve a seat'."

She continued: "I told him that I moved once for him and wouldn't move again. He made a movement as if he wanted to grab my bag and I raised my voice saying 'Don't you f****** dare!'.

"He started lamenting about entitled people again. I told him 'I moved for you. There are hundreds of free seats on this train, sit somewhere else'."

The man – who she says was likely in his 50s – then gave up and sat on another seat.

He loudly complained about 'entitled b******' in what she thinks was a fake phone call.

Posting on social media, the woman asked for opinions on the situation and said: "To be clear, when a train fills up, I of course gather my stuff and vacate seats around me so that others can sit.

"But I don't see why I should let some rando boss me around and invade my personal space for no reason."

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In the comments, people were mostly on her side.

One person wrote: "If the train was half-empty, it's not his business what you do. After you moved and he followed you, he escalated the situation and frankly, he behaved like a certified creep.

"The move to grab your bag was a big no-no. Good thing you raised your voice: too often women are inculcated by society to be quiet, to be nice, not to cause a scene."

While another added: "This guy is a creeper and looking to cause trouble with you, a woman. Good for you not putting up with it."

"He would NOT follow a man around like this," another noted.

While a third added: "This was a power play because you were a woman, traveling alone. He wanted to make you uncomfortable.

"Anything you did would have not been enough until you confronted him."

In an update, the woman said that she originally moved as she thought he may have been attached to her first seat due to "nostalgia" or even "superstition".

But she noted: "Thank you for your concern, I really appreciate it! I would like to address that: The situation was not scary.

"I would say I am pretty good at listening to my gut and it has served me really well so far. But in this situation, my spidey senses were not tingling, at all.

"My impression of the dude was one of self-righteousness and some tinge of entitlement, maybe a bit of creepiness, but no hints of danger of physical violence."


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