Flight attendant shares easy way to pop your ears on a flight – ‘every single time’

Flight attendant shares travel hack for when bag is too heavy

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Airplane ear can be downright annoying and at times, even painful. Flight attendant Jeenie (@jennieweenie) took to TikTok to share her top tips from relieving discomfort and popping those ears.

Flyers can get airplane ear when the air pressure in the middle ear and the air pressure in the environment don’t match, preventing the eardrum from vibrating normally.

This typically occurs during takeoff and descent when the air pressure changes fast.

Jeenie told her 8.4 million followers: “These are some of the common ways to unplug your ears on a flight: chewing gum, yawning, drinking something, taking a decongestant before the flight and also, nasal spray.”

This introduces lots of air to the Eustachian tube.

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She continued: “And if none of those work, here is the flight tip that I use on every single flight and I know other crew members use this as well.”

But the flight attendant offered an important warning: “There are risks to this technique, so if you do not do this properly you can damage your eardrums.”

Jeenie explained: “You’re going to plug your nose, close your mouth and blow your nose until you hear a pop. That’s it.”

Explaining the technique, she added, “I’m not a doctor”, and asked for professionals in the comment section to confirm the risks of this method.

@intansafuraa claimed: “Hi, I’m an ENT surgeon. Yes, your method is correct, as long as you do it slowly and stop once your ears pop.

Another TikTok user, @kroliasamlif, added that lollipops help as well.

The viral video amassed more than 300,000 likes and and almost 10,000 users saved the video for their next flight.

A cough drop or hard candy may also relieve airplane ear.

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For those who aren’t able to pop their ears on the plane, flight attendant Victoria, @thevictorialeighproject, shared another tip.

She advised: “If you get to a hotel and your ears have still not popped, here’s a trick.

“Steam up your bathroom in the hotel room – just get the shower on the hottest temperature for as long as you can – go into that room and spend about 10 minutes in there.

“The humidity kinda makes things pop in your ears.”

She added: “And if you travel a lot like I do, you can definitely ask your doctor about getting permanent tubes put in your ears – or semi-permanent – they last for a couple years.”

She offered another tip for parents flying with young ones: “Feeding them during takeoff or landing, giving them a bottle or a sippy cup helps cause they’re swallowing.”

One user, @llc244 provided her own expert tip: “Audiologist here! EarPlanes work great to equalise the pressure and keep your ears from hurting.”

earPlanes are available from Superdrug for £5.99.

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