Baggage handler says cling filming your bags can increase chance they’ll be lost

Many Brits are worried about their luggage while going on holiday this year after mountains of bags piled up at airports.

Holidaymakers have revealed their bags haven’t been loaded onto the plane and some abandoned bags at the carousels after waiting for hours.

According to one baggage handler, wrapping your luggage in plastic is a big no-no.

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Thousands of Brits use cling films or designated plastic wrappers at the airport to secure their bags from curious hands or damage while in transit.

The airport worker, Adrian, posted about the issue on TikTok.

He claimed that he removes certain bags from the carousel and throws them down a ramp because they get stuck while on some of the many moving paths in the airport’s luggage system.

The system allows bags to get to the loading bay for each plane so if your bag gets stuck it won’t make it to the flight on time – unless someone like Adrian spots it.

Demonstrating the problem, Adrian highlights the first type of bag that gets stuck – a plastic wrapped box of food.

He claims this should not be checked in as luggage – and says using plastic wrapping is a mistake in all cases.

Adrian then showed a plastic wrapped hard shell case which was stuck in the same place.

Oddly a massive frozen fish covered in plastic also became stuck.

But, in the comments of the video people insisted that they would continue to wrap their bags anyway.

One person said: “After seeing this video I think I’ll be wrapping my case too! Didn’t realise how much they [get] thrown about.”

“Ppl wrap them so they don’t get destroyed for this exact reason,” added another.

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While a third noted: “In some airports, airline companies offer you to wrap your baggage in plastic to avoid scratches or damages during travel.”

Another added: “Besides the frozen fish, I don't see anything wrong with these luggages.”

Do you wrap your suitcase? Let us know in the comments below.


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