Baggage cart colliding with plane delays holidaymakers for 52 hours

Holidaymakers in Orlando heading back to the UK were delayed for 52 hours when a baggage cart crashed into the aircraft – which is the same time as it would take the plane to make more than six journeys on the same route.

Thomas Cook Airlines flight MT2753 from Orlando to Manchester was due to leave at 4.35pm local time on Saturday.

Passengers were boarding the aircraft when a vehicle used to load baggage damaged the plane.

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They then sat on the tarmac while the damage was assessed.

Passengers were offered refreshments while waiting onboard, but didn’t end up disembarking for another three and a half hours.

They were then taken to hotels where they were given food vouchers.

The flight eventually left for Manchester at 8.30pm on Monday evening on a different aircraft, almost 52 hours later than originally scheduled.

Passengers took to social media to express their frustration.

A Thomas Cook Airlines spokesperson said in a statement: “We are very sorry to all our customers for the long delay to flight MT2753 from Orlando to Manchester.

“While baggage was being loaded, the aircraft was damaged. Our experts immediately assessed the aircraft in view to getting our customers on their way as quickly as possible, however further investigation was required.

All customers disembarked and were provided with local hotel accommodation and refreshments.

“The safety of our customers and crew is always our first priority.”

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