Backpacker’s handy hack allows her to travel the world with free accommodation

A woman backpacking the world solo has shared how you can stay in lush accommodation for free.

After a trip to Australia, 28-year-old Paige Comepland, from Southampton, was wanting to visit somewhere in the UK on the cheap.

Unfortunately, all of the options she was looking at were outside of her budget, as some accommodation options were going to cost her over £1,000.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, she shared the website that has now changed how she travels forever.

“I was thinking, surely there's a way of getting free accommodation? And I just started researching, thinking maybe I can look up to people's houses when they're away,” she told us.

“And then that's when I found the website Trusted Houses. I did actually find two or three other websites but I went with Trusted Houses because it was worldwide.

“While it was the more expensive one, I think that's because it had so many more options than generic ones from the UK.”

Three days after signing up, Paige had her first accommodation organised: a cottage in a village in Kent.

While there, she simply had to look after the house while keeping the owner's cat company.

Now travelling around Mexico, the 28-year-old is currently in chats with a couple about housesitting their property north of Mexico City.

“They’re from America and they have a house here in Mexico and they go between here and there,” she said.

“They don't have any pets but they do have a massive garden and they have lots of plants.

“So they go away for between one and two months and they just need someone to look after their home and look after their plants.”

Paige added: “I've actually been invited to go sit over in Texas and America this woman invited me to sit her house but I couldn't go over to Texas for one week, I've got commitments here in Mexico for the next four months.”

The travel blogger is passionate about the site because of the opportunities it has provided her as well as others.

Some of the properties available are truly remarkable – and it’s even better that they’re practically free.

“There are literally places everywhere in the world on this website and some of them are absolute mansions with swimming pools,” she explained.

“I've been looking at ones in Indonesia because I want to go back to Bali and there's some guy who wants someone to look after his house over Christmas and it's an absolute mansion.

“I don't think people understand how good the website actually is, which is why I’ve been posting it on TikTok.”

While membership for the site is £99 a year, that’s the only cost the company asks of you and you will soon make your money back once you organise your first stay.

Accommodation is often the most expensive part of travel but this no longer has to be the case.

“When I stayed at the cottage in Kent for five days I already made my money back because to stay in a cottage like the one I stayed in would have easily have been £700,” she said.

“Even if you only house sit for one week, that's still cheaper than getting accommodation somewhere else for a week.

“Some of these places are multimillion-pound houses, they're not your average, everyday house that most people live in.”

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