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The Folo episode on on Alaska tourism in 2022, clockwise from top left: Andrea Zelinski, contributor Renee Brincks, Kirsten Dixon of Within the Wild, Sarah Leonard of the Alaska Travel Industry Association, Lisa Syme of Princess Cruises and host Rebecca Tobin.

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This week we’re traveling to Alaska, which is a big part of many travel advisors’ portfolios, especially if they sell cruises and adventure travel. Host Rebecca Tobin and senior editor Andrea Zelinski look back and look ahead at tourism in the 49th state.

This episode features Sarah Leonard, the president of the Alaska Travel Industry Association; Lisa Syme, Princess Cruises’ vice president, commercial; Kirsten Dixon, the owner of two fly-in lodges and a cooking school; and Travel Weekly’s frequent Alaska contributor, Renee Brincks.

The state’s tourism business have had a tough couple of years – as our guests this week will tell you, Alaska’s wild, wide-open spaces make it a natural fit for those seeking outdoor adventures – except that it was pretty difficult to actually get there at the beginning of the pandemic. And for cruise-watchers, last year’s season was partially saved by a historic exemption to federal cabotage law.

But this year, cruising is back, the Canadian border has reopened and the summer season is about to begin.

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