Air hostess shares free 1st-class upgrade trick with mid-week best time to book

An air hostess has shared her top travel tips to beat inflation surges so you don't have to fork out on expensive flight tickets.

Cierra Mistt, who works for American Airlines, said most airline companies have a secret protocol which could bump people from economy class to first class for free.

Sharing the travel hacks on TikTok, she said the cheapest days to look for flights will be either on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

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"Not only that, but I highly suggest that you use a VPN so they don't know what country you're searching flights on," Cierra explained.

"Because normally, if you're looking in the United States, they are gonna jag those prices way up.

"Another thing airlines don't want you to know is that the majority of the flights, we have to move people for weight and balance purposes.

"That being said, if you want to fly first class and not have to pay for it, I highly suggest that you choose sitting in the last row.

"Why? Because if we do have to move people for weight and balance purposes, that's where the flight attendants gonna go."

If you don't want to risk getting stuck sitting in the last row, ex-Emirates flight attendant Sandra previously revealed a way to pick the best seat in economy class.

Middle seats are no brainers and emergency exit rows tend to have "filmsy TV and tables".

"Seats near toilet stinks like s***, I recommend a five row buffer just to be in the safe zone," she said.

"Due to weight distribution of the plane, they always fill up the first section first before the last section, which means you will have a higher chance of a full row of extra seats on the back."


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