Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Got Its First Therapy Cat to Ease Stressed Out Passengers

Meet Stitches, the 11-year-old cat who is ready to help passengers at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

According to The Twin Cities Pioneer Press, the calico and tabby mix is the first cat to join the airport's comfort animal support team, the 96 Animal Ambassador program.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport welcomed the cat to its new job via Twitter on Friday. 

Stitches and her human, Nikki Christopher, roam the mall in Terminal 1 and at the entrance of Concourse C. Stitches is usually being wheeled around in a stroller with a sign that says “Pet Me!” on the top. She even has her own business cards that people can take with them after a nice neck scratching session.

Stitches is well trained in being a therapy cat. According to the paper, she has worked as a therapy animal for the last three years through the North Star Therapy Animals program. She also greets Christopher’s harp and piano students at her home studio.

Stitches can be found lounging at home when she’s not on the clock, usually watching Law and Order: SVU. “She loves Ice-T’s voice,” Christoper told The Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

Stitches will only be at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport once a week.

Therapy animals at airports are a comforting site amid the stress that can result in air travel. Many airports have employed comforting therapy dogs, pigs, and even miniature horses in order to help give travelers some relief or even just a quick smile as they catch their flight. 

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