A United pilot paid for a stranded college student’s flight: ‘There are no words’

A United Airlines pilot stepped up to help a stranded college student by paying for her flight back to school after her plane was diverted.

The heartwarming story was told in a video posted to United’s YouTube page Friday, just in time for Father’s Day. The video notes the stranded traveler, identified only as Kiana, is from Hawaii, and her own father was about 3,000 miles away.

Kiana was traveling back to school when bad weather caused her flight (on another airline) to divert to Seattle. 

“The airline had basically stuck her in a hotel room overnight and had forgotten about her,” Kiana’s father, Dave, said in a video. “At one point, I was about to go book a flight and go get her myself and by the grace of God, (the pilot, Robert) came into our lives and helped us out.”

Robert first saw Kiana with a TSA agent and thought she might be in trouble. She broke down in tears after he asked if she was doing OK. When he learned about her predicament, he thought about his own daughter who’s around the same age. He then went to the ticket counter to see what could be done.

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