Staycation luxury: Escape your London pad for a plush apartment and pre-stocked pantry

The old adage of writer Samuel Johnson goes when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. Yet this doesn’t mean those in the capital can’t be fatigued of their London pad, particularly if it’s rented, shared with others, or just in need of a revamp you can’t afford. With staycations on the rise and the precarious nature of the pound ongoing, a London bolthole – albeit a temporary one at the other part of town – can have quite the appeal, with the brand boasting of its “apartment living” style. This is exactly what I found at Native Bankside, hidden in Thames-side location so secret it has an allure of privacy and calm, yet so central you’re sipping a cocktail at a riverside bar in no time.


There are a variety to choose from, but my Studio Apartment featuring a spacious lounge area and modern bathroom was just the ticket for an escape from home.

Its quiet location meant there was no outside noise and the bouncy bed promised a tempting, snuggling sleep.

Equally luxurious towels were ready and waiting, with a host of Elemis products in the bathroom.

A state of calm – and a relief I’d have a tranquil escape from my ordinarily busy home life – was all achieved here, but not after pouring a glass of wine from nearby Borough Market and whipping up a feast in the kitchen section, with all equipment neatly stored away.

Studio, Premium Studio, One Bedroom, Premium One Bedroom and Two Bedroom apartments are all available, with check in from a lie-in friendly 3pm.


For those new to London, a mouth-watering array of cuisines, dining types and restaurant vibes await just steps away on the River Thames.

For guests craving upmarket glam, a glass of wine at any of the Sea Containers restaurants match requirements.

We popped into a few pubs at London Bridge’s Hayes Galleria beforehand, strolling the 20 mins walk to the hotel after.

Yet after having been told about the hotel’s Pantry, I was intreigued to stay put at Native for its own dining experience.

There’s no hotel restaurant but the Pantry is a self-service larder you’ll want to take home with you.

When I visited, there was everything from dry pasta to Coco Pops, tea to tinned tomatoes, olive oil and rice.

In a challenge akin to Ready, Steady, Cook I filled a bag with goodies and set off back to my tranquil home for the night to whip up a pasta feast.

For those with dietary requirements, or lack in energy, desire or both for a meal out, this is a great alternative.


There was a fire alarm, typically, straight after I’d showered and got into my lounge clothes ready to bunk down for the night.

Yet staff handled it superbly, keeping concerned guests informed at reception.

After being told it was false, we scooted back to our rooms like nothing had happened and in the morning, were met by an explanatory letter pushed through the door – it’s the customer touch that shone through here.

Check in and out was speedy meaning if you’re travelling back to areas outside London, there’s simply no faff.

There’s a gym – but I left that untouched.


Rooms start from £166 inc VAT, for a one night stay.

My double room, with kitchen and en suite, was £199 inc VAT, for a one night stay.

Go to Native Bankside to book.

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