Tighter water restrictions imposed for Grand Canyon's South Rim: Travel Weekly

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, Ariz. (AP) — The South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park will begin phasing in greater water restrictions and conservation measures due to a series of breaks in the Transcanyon Waterline, park officials said Sunday.

Officials added that the canyon’s North Rim will remain in current water conservation status.

Until park staff repair the break and water in storage tanks reaches sustainable levels, officials say the park will remain in conservation mode.

In addition to the new changes, all existing conservation measures remain in place for both the North and South rims.

Under existing water restrictions, park staff and partners reportedly have been able to conserve water by using disposable dishes and utensils in restaurants, serving water by request only, adopting low water-use methods to clean hotel rooms, and practicing basic water conservation measures at home and work.

Park officials also said that hikers in the backcountry should plan to carry all their water or methods to treat water.

They also said that all Xanterra concessions services and overnight lodging are closed at Phantom Ranch until further notice.

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