Hotel drama prevention strategies ·

Hotel drama prevention strategies

Quick tips on a seamless check-in to 2020

Christmas is a challenging time time and the world can go sideways and affect the best laid plans.

For the traveller it’s getting to the front of the line in the crowded lobby to hear “sorry, no one booked under that name…”

For the agent, it’s being woken from a turkey induced slumber on Boxing day from the same pax who went straight from Christmas dinner (and drinks) to the airport bar to Spain without any sleep…

For STUBA, it’s getting the story relayed ….

From the hundreds of thousands of customer service cases we’ve worked through, here are our top five tips to avoid Christmas drama for your travellers over the busy period.

But the in-house Wi-Fi was crap….

People literally have anxiety when they are not connected . You can reduce the anxiety of your pax  by making sure when they land,  they are. Telstra does $10 a day for most countries for pretty amazing levels of Internet access.  You do not want that person calling you three hours later .

Airports are busy – plan accordingly

That transfer driver on $3.75 an hour should not be expected to wait two hours after pax was meant to emerge but got held up because of the dried mushrooms in their pocket….   Emergency numbers, mobile phone coverage, check with the transfer company. Set the expectations early.

Made a change? Reconfirm

You made the booking six months ago, a month later you added the extra night, three weeks before check-in they wanted a late check out, you saw the instant purchase rate that would increase your margin….

The hotel sees booked, cancelled, booked, cancelled, booked…. Delete. Reconfirm everything you’ve changed or done multiple changes on.

At Stuba, you get us to do it, you get it in writing, future problem solved.

Did I say reconfirm over the busy period…

Sadly, every year, a billionaire decides at the last moment that they have to go on holiday and they tend to be the one who gets the room. That you booked.

When your customer rings you up screaming  it’s nice to be able to say “I have a confirmation number here from Frank at reception who gave it to us… The hotel is at fault…. But we will do our best”

Book with someone you can trust

You need to have faith in who you are booking in. Make sure they are accredited, safe, and be sure you know, not hope, you can rely on them.  Like you, hotels want to know they are going to get paid.

At STUBA; we might be a bit “beige” but like a daggy pair of slippers, we will always be here in the morning.



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