Volaris Costa Rica operations from Central America to the United States ·

Volaris Costa Rica operations from Central America to the United States

San José, Costa Rica, March 15, 2018. Volaris Costa Rica, the ultra-low-cost Volaris subsidiary, operating in Central America, Mexico and the United States, inaugurated its new route, departing from San Jose, Costa Rica to Los Angeles, California, via El Salvador. This is the first of several routes that will connect the Central American market with some of the main destinations in the United States.

Also, next Saturday, March 17, the airline will be starting operations from San José to the city of Los Angeles, via Guatemala.

As both routes originate and end in the Costa Rican capital, San José, connectivity possibilities will increase for Central American customers who wish to visit the southwestern United States. as well as for North American residents who wish to explore and enjoy the tropical attractions provided by the Central American countries.

Connectivity provided by these two first routes of Volaris Costa Rica to the United States, means a great opportunity to unite friends and family, besides expanding the possibility of social, commercial and touristic exchange between both regions, through flights from and to their countries of origin – in the case of those south bound destinations- and by means of north bound connection for those who board flights in San José.

“We are thrilled with these two inaugural flights between Central America and the United States, because they will make history in Volaris Costa Rica. We are expanding our wings with our Visit Friends and Relatives (VFR) Program and we are offering our Clients more options for tourism and vacations to and from our region to Los Angeles and, from there, other spectacular cities in the State of California”, said, Fernando Naranjo, Volaris Costa Rica General Manager.

The opening of direct flights to the United States reaffirms the commitment of Volaris Costa Rica to offer greater connectivity at low prices to make more people fly.

Those clients interested in flights along these routes may now purchase tickets in the following itineraries:

San José – San Salvador – Los Ángeles 

(As of March 15, 2018. Frequency: Thursday and Sunday).

  • Departure from San José, Costa Rica, at 13:30 hrs., arrival in San Salvador at 15:04 hrs.
  • Departure from San Salvador at 18:30 hrs., arriving in Los Angeles at 23:21 hrs.

Los Angeles – San Salvador – San José

(As of March 16, 2018. Frequency: Monday and Friday).

  • Departure from Los Angeles at 01:44 hrs., Arrival in San Salvador at 08:08 hrs.
  • Departure from San Salvador at 09:25 hrs., Arrival in San José, Costa Rica at 11:00 hrs.

San José – Guatemala – Los Angeles

(As of March 17, 2018. Frequency: Saturdays).

  • Departure from San José at 13:30 hrs., arrival in Guatemala at 15:15 hrs.
  • Departure from Guatemala at 17:00 hrs., arrival in Los Angeles at 21:38 hrs.

Los Angeles – Guatemala – San José

(As of March 18, 2018. Frequency: Sundays).

  • Departure from Los Angeles at 01:16 hrs., Arrival in Guatemala at 07:20 hrs.
  • Departure from Guatemala at 09:15 hrs., Arrival in San José, Costa Rica, at 11:05 hrs.

One-way tickets can be purchased at a base fare of 150 US dollars including taxes. This can be done with the purchase in advance option and its innovative “You Decide” program – where customers only pay for the services they need. Customers can purchase tickets through all of Volaris sales channels: www.volaris.com, our Call Center in Mexico at 01-800-122-8000, our Call Center in the United States at 1-866-988-3527, Costa Rica at 5064002-7462; Guatemala at 502-2301-3939; El Salvador at 503-2504-5540 and Nicaragua at 505-2251-2198, as well as through authorized travel agencies.

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