Carnival Australia Ships Salute PNG In Spectacular Style ·

Carnival Australia Ships Salute PNG In Spectacular Style

Three Carnival Australia-brand ships chartered to support the APEC Summit today saluted host nation Papua New Guinea in spectacular style as the first of the ships sailed from Port Moresby.

P&O Cruises’ flagship Pacific Explorer and Pacific Jewel and Princess Cruises’ Sea Princess each sounded their booming ‘whistles’ seven times to achieve the equivalent of a 21-gun salute that echoed across the city and beyond.

The historic moment was captured in this aerial photo as Sea Princess approached the two P&O ships while on her way out to sea.

Captain Tony Ruggero on Sea Princess, Captain Roger Bilton on Pacific Explorer and Captain Alan Nixon on Pacific Jewel were delighted to sound the whistle on their respective ships.

All three vessels played a part in PNG’s successful hosting of APEC by providing accommodation for Pacific leaders, delegates and international media along with providing conferencing facilities.

Pacific Explorer was the venue for the high profile APEC CEO Summit which was addressed by national leaders including President Xi Jinping of China, US Vice President Mike Pence and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“The successful hosting of APEC 2018 was a truly defining event for Papua New Guinea, which it is hoped will leave a legacy of economic growth for its people especially the young for whom this will be crucial,” said Carnival Australia Chairman Ann Sherry.

“Carnival Australia and our P&O and Princess ships were proud to play a part in PNG and Port Moresby’s success in hosting an event that put PNG in the international spotlight.”

Pacific Explorer will depart from Port Moresby tomorrow and Pacific Jewel sails on Wednesday.

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