June opening planned for revamped Selinda Camp in Botswana

Great Plains Conservation will unveil a completely revamped Selinda Camp in the private, 500-square-mile Selinda Reserve in Botswana on June 1. The safari camp is positioned on the banks of Botswana’s Selinda Spillway as it enters the Linyanti River.

The camp will offer three expansive guest suites, each covered under thatch and with large bathrooms, a veranda and a private swimming pool. Each guest suite is unique, designed with its own color palette and theme.

In addition to the three suites, the Selinda Suite consists of a two-bedroom tented villa, offering the ultimate in privacy, service and experience, as guests enjoy their own private vehicle, safari guide, chef, manager/butler and separate entrance to their residence.

The camp offers a variety of activities from open vehicle safari drives to guided bush walks, boating, tracking, birding and other wildlife viewing activities.

The camp is said to represent the meeting place of three cultures: European, Mokololo, and Bayei. Spears, shields and an African version of Robinson Crusoe is the enduring theme through the camp, and its architectural design elements center around water, air, earth and fire.

For more information, visit https://greatplainsconservation.com/portfolio/selinda-camp/.

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