‘Work hard or get fired’ Superyacht crew warned by captain

Below Deck: Customer asks for dinner outside

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Season nine of Below Deck is currently showing on Channel 4 as the crew cope with all kinds of mayhem on the luxury yacht, My Seanna. Captain Lee was joined by some old and new crew members.

As the team got ready to welcome a new group of guests to the yacht, Captain Lee sat them down to lay out his rules.

He said: “All I expect out of you is to do your job. Radios are my pet peeves, if you’re looking for your radio, odds are I already have it.”

The crew use radios to communicate with each other when they’re in different areas of the ship and have to keep them with them at all times.

Lee added: “I do have two rules. Don’t embarrass yourself. Do not embarrass the boat. I have no problem with letting somebody go in the middle of a charter.

“I’ve got a pocket full of plane tickets that I hope I don’t have to use. But if I do, it’ll be quick and severe. Work hard, or get fired.”

If a crew member makes a lot of errors, they’ll be asked to leave the yacht and given a plane ticket home.

Chief steward Heather was also feeling the pressure as she said: “I’m a little scarred from the trip we just had, it just never stopped. We don’t have our game together.

“I’ve climbed the ladder for the last five years and I’ve done every job you could ever think of.

“There is no room for errors. I feel if you don’t keep progressing every day, you might as well die.”

In this episode, the crew were welcoming Michael Durham, a Seattle based real estate broker to the yacht.

He was bringing some colleagues and friends and wanted to enjoy fine whisky and play golf off the back of the yacht.

The crew had to order golf clubs, biodegradable golf balls and astroturf to ensure Michael was satisfied with his charter.

As soon as the guests arrived, one of the crew remarked: “I think they’re a bit p****d already!”

In the evening, the guests joined Captain Lee for an exclusive and luxury dinner on the yacht deck.

Captain Lee started to feel frustrated as the drunk guests repeatedly asked him the same questions.

One of the guests even stormed away from the table and was served his dinner alone at the back of the yacht.

The guests then had an argument about his behaviour and accused him of ditching their dinner.

Fraser, one of the stewards, said about the guests: “They’re just really not that chic. They probably won this trip through some sort of lottery or something. They don’t belong on yachts.”

Heather, chief steward, said: “I’m just worried that something is going to happen that we can’t control.”

A crew member described the guest’s behaviour as “absolutely unacceptable from a charter guest”.

Below Deck is showing on Channel 4.

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