Princess Cruises being sued by actress who claims she suffered ‘horrific’ bed bites

Connie Flores and her husband Alvin Flores say they were “feasted on” during a cruise from Los Angeles to Mexico in November.

According to NBC San Diego, the couple were travelling on the Emerald Princess ship to celebrate their anniversary over Thanksgiving weekend.


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In their statement, they said the bugs “feasted” on them while they slept in an “infested” room, and shared photos of their heads, arms and legs covered in red bumps.

“Imagine yourself on a cruise at sea with your stateroom infested with bedbugs,” Mrs Flores said.

“There was nowhere to go. We were trapped. We felt helpless. There were bed bugs coming out of the pillows and the mattress, we felt betrayed.”

The couple said they told the cruise deck staff of the issue and demanded they’d be moved to a new room.

However, they claim the on-board employees delayed their request.

The couple are now seeking $75,000 in damages for financial loss and personal injury as well as emotional distress, say reports.

“This was a horrific experience, and no one should ever go through such pain and trauma,” Mrs Flores said. “This ordeal has prompted us to be advocates and bring awareness to people who have been exposed to bed bugs.”

The couple’s attorney, Brian Virag said: “They simply were negligent in providing safe premises.”

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Mr Virag is the founder of My Bed Bug Lawyer, which specialises exclusively in bed bug litigation and only represents victims of bed bug exposure.

Speaking to USA Today, Mr Virag added: “The exposure to Connie and her husband is another indication of the bedbug epidemic not only in the United States, but also worldwide,”

A spokesperson for Princess Cruises said the cruise line is “limited” regarding what information can be shared about the open suit.

However, it maintained their employees are “highly trained to identify bed bugs” in staterooms, which are “ALL thoroughly inspected” each month.


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“We were very sorry to hear about Ms. Flores concerns,” said a cruise line representative.

“Princess Cruises is committed to following and often exceed stringent sanitation and health guidelines.

“It is worth noting, our room attendants are highly trained to identify bed bugs and ALL staterooms are thoroughly inspected each month as a preventative measure.

“By virtue of how the cruise vacation experience is designed our staterooms receive considerably more cleaning attention by our room attendants than a hotel room.

“It would be highly unusual for the presence of bed bugs to go unnoticed for more than the length of one cruise.”

Bed bugs are tiny insects which are often ova, reddish-brown and flat. Younger bed bugs can be more difficult to see because they’re so small.

They lurk during the daytime and sleep and feed on people at night. Bed bugs can be found in various places from mattresses to bedding to cracks in furniture, carpeting and more. have approached Princess Cruises for comment.

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