Cruise passengers rage about rude ‘monster’ guest

Jane McDonald discusses her father as she cruises Scotland

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Cruise ships can carry thousands of passengers. While some guests make friends on a voyage, not every interaction is positive.

A cruise passenger took to Reddit to share their rant about some annoying fellow passengers.

They said: “The other several thousand passengers on your ship are not your personal babysitters.

“Your kid is your problem from the moment you board until the moment you debark.

“When you give them all the soda, pizza and ice cream they can handle without puking and set them loose on the ship so mummy and daddy can party, they are still amazingly your responsibility.

“This applies even when they’re at kids clubs too.

“If your little monster can’t handle playing video games or colouring without you for a couple of hours, that’s not the problem of any other child, parent or staff on that deck.

“Not to mention, you don’t know anyone else on that boat. I guarantee you a zero percent chance that absolutely every soul on that boat has your child’s best at heart.”

Another regular cruiser said they had also had a bad experience on a holiday with a family.

They said: “I went on a cruise a few years ago and there was this big family that just broke my heart.

“I think the mum and dad had just got married and there were five or six kids. Youngest girl was about five.

“Parents were completely ***faced every time we saw them, kids running around unsupervised the whole cruise.”

The passenger claimed that one of the kids had gone missing onboard and the parents hadn’t informed the crew.

Although the child was found, the passenger said they were “livid” as the child could have fallen off the boat.

Another cruise regular said: “If your child is screaming and crying and you can’t get them to stop please for the love of God, take them out of the dining area.

“You can take turns eating, take the food to your room, eat later, eat earlier. Bring something to keep them happy, don’t expect them to be happy sitting at a table for an hour.”

However, another passenger thought that kids weren’t really the problem when it came to irritating fellow guests.

They said: “I have found that adults are far worse than any kids. It’s the adults who have attitudes.

“It’s the adults who are fighting on the cruises where that has happened, it’s the adults who are utterly obnoxious.

“It’s the adults that get out of hand drinking. Rarely have I experienced any children acting as bad as an adult.”

Every cruise line has its own unique vibe and passengers that don’t like holidaying with children could opt for an adult-only cruise.

Viking, Virgin Voyages and Saga each offer adult-only cruises with a guarantee of no screaming children onboard.

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