Cruise guest shares item passengers should ‘definitely’ pack – costs ‘a lot of money’

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Cruise ships offer passengers a lot of luxury. But there are a few essential items that might be hard to get onboard.

One new cruise passenger asked experts on Reddit which items they should definitely bring and which they wouldn’t really need.

A regular cruiser said: “The things you should definitely bring are over the counter medicines.

“Think painkillers, allergy pills, stomach drugs. A lot of the gift shops on the ships have stopped selling these and even if they are selling things, they are going to cost a lot of money and may not be exactly what you need.”

Medical essentials on a cruise ship may cost a lot more than on land so it’s a good idea to stock up before a trip.

Another regular passenger added: “I bring a pharmacy. Not playing around with that on a vacation.”

One person said: “For my last trip I ordered something off Amazon called an empty first responder bag which is essentially a small duffel bag to carry all the pharmacy things.

“We used something from that magical bag every day of the trip and I will never travel without it again.”

Cruise ships will always have an excellent medical centre and will be able to help any passengers that become ill.

However, it’s a good idea to pack simple over the counter medicines so passengers will be able to treat minor ailments themselves.

While most passengers agreed that painkillers and allergy medication was essential, there were a few items guests thought people should leave at home.

One person said they always packed way too many clothes. They said: “Consider that you can pay for laundry service on board so if you are on a longer cruise, you can get away with packing a little less and doing laundry halfway.”

They added: “Extra hangers can be helpful on a long cruise but I never brought them and I always made do.

“Sometimes items get double hung on a hanger, works out fine.”

Another person added: “Extra hangers are stupid, you can ask your room steward for them.”

However they said: “If you’re planning on doing pools, hot tubs, or the spa a lot, definitely pack multiple swimsuits and something to hang your suits up.

“Hooks for the walls or clips to clip them to balcony chairs or clothespins, I often find clothes take forever to hang dry in the cabin.”

Magnetic hooks can be useful on a cruise to hang up extra items as nearly all cruise ships have magnetic walls.

One person said: “Some people don’t bother with magnetic hooks. I keep buying more and more.

“Each cruise I keep thinking, I wish I just had a couple more. I travel with kids and I like to bring shower curtains and magnetic hooks so I can put up makeshift cabin separator curtains.

“Good for naps and for different bedtimes. I also like to bring shoe organisers because I like to get things off the counters and tables.”

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