TikTok mum shares airport baby travel hack

It’s one thing to be rushing through an airport, trying to make your flight.

It’s quite another when you’ve got the kids in tow — not to mention kids that can’t walk yet — while carrying luggage for all of them.

But an Australian mother on TikTok who travels with four children, including two babies, has shared her genius solution.

A video is going viral of the mum walking through the airport effortlessly pulling along the two babies as they sit on a suitcase-slash-pram contraption.

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She encouraged people to share her video as “the amount of people at the airport that doesn’t know about these … could use them,” she said.

“We get a lot of looks and comments at the airport,” she admitted.

People in the comments identified the suitcase as a Mountain Buggy bagrider, which is a carry-on wheeled suitcase that can securely fit a small child on top.

It’s a regular suitcase but has a detachable seat for the most precious of parents’ cargo, an extra set of wheels to secure it, and an extended handle.

The extra wheels ensure the suitcase doesn’t topple over when it’s not being pulled along.

This video of a travelling family is going viral for the amazing solution to a common travel problem. Picture: @teah006Source:TikTok TikTok

Two children, two suitcases, two hands, minimal effort. Picture: @teah006Source:TikTok TikTok

TikTok users with children were blown away by the simple solution to their travel problems.

“Where the hell was this when I needed it!!!!” someone said.

“Had these added to my wish list for a while. Love this idea,” another person said.

“Gamechanger!” someone wrote.

Others who had already used the product vouched for how good it was.

“I bought one for a friend who flew from NZ to Scotland (four flights). Lifesaver for a mum flying on her own,” someone said.

“I have one and it was the best thing ever,” another said. “Bought one when my daughter was one and now she’s three, and we still use it.”

The product was created by a couple with kids who worked as a pilot and flight attendant. Picture: Mountain BuggySource:Supplied

It seems the Mountain Buggy bagrider is not new — it was crowdfunded and created back in 2013 by two UK parents who worked as a pilot and flight attendant, and travelled regularly with their two children, Conde Nast Traveler reported.

“Unfortunately the airport process isn’t easy when travelling,” they said.

“Your buggy could be taken off you at check-in, or if you’re allowed through the terminal you’ll experience delays at security check – unpacking, folding, scanning and reassembling the buggy.

“The biggest problem is that the buggy will be taken you at the aircraft door and put in the hold, next seen at the oversized baggage reclaim at destination.

“This means carrying tired children and all their necessities on often long walks through the terminal.

“As aircrew we realised we were not alone in experiencing this problem, so we designed a cabin bag that easily converts into a travelling seat for infants.”

In even better news for parents, the bagrider is currently on sale for $94.50 on the Mountain Buggy website, down from its usual price of $189.

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