Woman with ‘biggest lips in world’ has many fans offering to fly her on holiday

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A filler-obsessed influencer claims her fans often offer to fly her on holiday and pay for her plane tickets to meet them.

Andrea Ivanova, who loves in Sofia, Bulgaria, is dubbed the “woman with the biggest lips in the world” and has over 20k followers due to her extreme look.

Posting on Instagram , @andrea88476, she claims to have set a record for having 30 hyaluronic acid injections in her lips leading to her plump pout.

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The filler fan says her look attracts wealthy fans who want to treat her to world travel.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Andrea said: “Every day many different fans from all over the world send me thousands of messages on my social networks and invite me to vacation in different countries and even continents, but I haven't gone on vacation with my fan yet, but maybe one day I will go.”

Andrea currently travels often for other reasons though including her main hobbies – singing and surgery.

She explained: "I travel abroad as I participate in singing competitions and festivals. For now, my favourite destinations are Turkey and Greece, where I have been many times to different cities.

"I have done all my interventions and procedures in the city where I live, in Sofia, but I plan to have my next surgery for even bigger breasts done in Turkey or in Germany, because there are quite good specialists in these countries as well."

Andrea had already had her cheeks "enlarged" and is "shaping [her] chin and jawline and elongating my face and reshaping it with different dermal fillers".

She noted: “I now have an elongated face and chin.”

Medical tourism is growing in popularity even with Brits as people flock to Turkey for dental treatment, BBLs and other cheap surgery.

The practice is becoming so common that it has spawned the slang term “Turkey teeth” when referring to dental veneers.

Andrea said: "The reason why many women travel abroad to get plastic surgery is because sometimes in other countries there are better plastic surgeons and clinics.

"Of course, there are women who go to another country for their plastic surgeries in order to save money, since in some countries the prices of these interventions are much cheaper.

"For me, the price is not of primary importance, because I think that, first of all, we should research where and what kind of specialists there are in the field of plastic surgery, whether they are ready to satisfy our wishes and whether they are good enough to achieve the result we want."

She added: "For me, the reason for medical tourism should always be the search for better specialists in the field, not because of low prices. The price is not important when we are looking for quality and professionalism and the dream result."

Andrea claims that she is "confident and calm" when travelling.

She said: "When I travel with different types of transport and there are many other people around me, there are always positive and negative reactions from them, people always turn to look at me, comment on me, whisper to each other.

"Some even point fingers at me, they discuss me, they discuss my appearance, some whistle at me, there are those who laugh, make fun of me, and of course, there are people who come up to me and congratulate me and want to take pictures with me.

"Wherever I go, there are always people willing to take pictures with me, which is wonderful for me.”

Taking care of her famous pout on the road is no issue for the influencer.

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She said: "I don't have any problems with traveling, what I follow and don't forget when traveling somewhere is that I should always have balms in my bag.

"[This is for my] lips in order to hydrate them constantly, since my lips are large and thick with a lot of hyaluronic acid, it is necessary to hydrate them constantly with different creams and lip balms so that they do not dry out."

Would you ever travel abroad for surgery? Tell us in the comments…


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