Woman slammed by fellow passengers after painting her toenails on busy flight

A young woman has come under fire after giving herself a pedicure on a busy commercial flight.

In a short video clip, the passenger was seen bent over in her seat with her feet raised up onto the base.

The woman, in a white top and shorts, focused intently as she used nail polish on her toenails.

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It’s not the first time someone has been slammed for painting their nails on an easyJet plane.

Earlier this week, an anonymous passenger was photographed painting her fingernails on a plane journey despite the smell making other holidaymakers sick and being asked to stop.

So, it seems the behaviour is frowned upon by lots of people.

This is likely because nail polish has a strong solvent smell which quickly circulates in the cabin due to the ventilation system.

On Instagram, the woman painting her toenails was shared on the page @passengershaming.

The poster captioned the video: “Pedicures on Planes is an ABSOLUTELY NOT.

“Kindly keep personal grooming…personal.

“PRO TRAVEL TIP: Do not paint your nails on an airplane due to fumes and recirculated air inside of a metal tube. Thank you. From, Everyone else on the plane.”

Over 3,600 people liked the viral post – and many shared their opinions in the comments.

One person said: “I will NEVER understand this behaviour. NEVER!!”

While another exclaimed: “Can we go back to the times when people wore their Sunday best on planes?”

A third wrote: “Straight to jail.”

While another explained: "My sensitivity to perfumes and other scents makes me have a headache when people don’t understand moderation with their products. And literally the whole plane smells if you open a nail polish."

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Others said it was "disturbing", "nasty" and "gross".

And, a former airport worker noted: “When I worked gates, I had to go tell a customer in the international gate area if they could please stop cutting their toe nails.”

“Lucky she wasn’t sitting next to me cause she would’ve been wearing that nail polish literally,” raged an Instagram user.


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