Traveller declares Lake Ohrid one of Europe's most UNDERRATED spots

‘Why is nobody talking about this place?’ Solo traveller declares  ‘stunning’ Lake Ohrid one of Europe’s most UNDERRATED spots – and stays cost just £7 a night

  • TikToker @travelsbytash posted a TikTok video that showcases Lake Ohrid
  • She describes the lake as a highlight of a trip she took around the Balkans 
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Even in off-peak seasons, Europe’s main tourist destinations see lengthy queues and sky-high hotel prices. 

There are alternatives on the Continent, though – eye-catching hidden gems unscathed by large crowds, with stays that don’t cost the earth.

Picturesque Lake Ohrid falls into this category, as revealed by solo traveller Natasha Whitley in a fascinating and informative TikTok video.

Lake Ohrid, which straddles the mountainous border of North Macedonia and Albania, gives Lake Como a run for its money for scenery and is cheap as chips, with Natasha asking her 69,400 followers: ‘Why is nobody talking about one of Europe’s most underrated and affordable spots that’s perfect for a weekend getaway?’ 

In the video she describes Lake Ohrid, a Unesco World Heritage site, as one of the highlights of a trip she took around the Balkans. A place that’s uncrowded and ‘so peaceful to walk around’.

Solo traveller Natasha Whitley, known online as @travelsbytash, reveals the delights of Lake Ohrid in a viral TikTok video. In the video she describes Lake Ohrid, a Unesco World Heritage site, as one of the highlights of a trip she took around the Balkans

Lake Ohrid straddles the mountainous border of North Macedonia and Albania 

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, Natasha, known online as @travelsbytash, said: ‘Obviously you can’t quite beat Lake Como, with its beautiful scenic towns like Bellagio. However, Lake Ohrid is actually twice the size of Como [138 square miles vs 56 square miles], which I didn’t realise. 

‘And I would say the water is more stunning – it’s crystal clear.’

Natasha reveals in the clip that for her three-night trip she stayed at Sunset Lake Hostel in Ohrid town, North Macedonia, on the northeastern shore of the lake.

The price? Just £7 a night. 

Sharing the various activities tourists can participate in, she says on the clip: ‘You can go kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding, which looks so good.

‘The most popular thing is to visit the Church of St John, which is placed right at the edge of the lake. It’s got an amazing view. It’s so picturesque.’

Natasha said there are plenty of things to do at Lake Ohrid, from kayaking to visiting the photogenic Church of St John (right). She said the church comes with ‘an amazing view’

Natasha said her favourite experience in Ohrid was exploring the lake by boat. She commented: ‘The water is stunning and we went to a secluded little beach – it was just the best’

Natasha (above), claimed the water in Lake Ohrid is ‘more stunning’ than Lake Como’s

There are also dozens of hiking trails visitors can walk if they fancy, plus a ‘gorgeous old town’ and a park filled with tortoises (‘so random’.)

Speaking to MailOnline, Natasha said her favourite experience was a boat trip that explored the lake.

Natasha said the voyage was organised through Sunset Lake Hostel.

The traveller continued: ‘[It] took four hours, with unlimited wine and it literally only cost £8 each!

‘The water is stunning and we went to a secluded little beach. It was just the best!’

In her TikTok video, she adds: ‘It is such good value. It’s run by the hostel owner, who is amazing, and he always kept filling up our glasses.’

Natasha’s boat trip, with unlimited wine, was organised by the owner of the £7-a-night hostel she stayed in 

Natasha described the food in Ohrid as ‘really reasonable and affordable’. Another highlight was an Irish bar (right), where the drinks were ‘pretty cheap’

Natasha’s TikTok video of Lake Ohrid has gone viral, raking in 122,800 views and tempting others to book their own flights

Natasha’s trip to Ohrid took place in September, with temperatures in the mid-20s

Another highlight was an Irish pub with ‘pretty cheap’ drinks, and the food, which was ‘really reasonable and affordable’.

Natasha said a must-have local delicacy was ‘burek’ – a popular street-food pastry enjoyed in places throughout the Balkans. 

She told MailOnline: ‘One of the bakeries in Ohrid sold unique flavours of burek, including chicken curry and pizza. They were so delicious and only cost £1 each.’

While Natasha said she wouldn’t rush back to Lake Ohrid any time soon, in favour of exploring new places, she told MailOnline: ‘I was definitely tempted to extend my time whilst I was there, as many others did.’ 

Natasha’s TikTok video of Lake Ohrid has raked in an impressive 122,800 views, and has even inspired some users to book flights. One person wrote: ‘Added to the list.’ Another commented: ‘Wow, that looks amazing!’ 

One person asked: ‘What time of year did you go? It looks so beautiful and warm.’ To which Natasha replied: ‘Start of September! It was mid-20s. Was perfect!’

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