Travel fan’s hack to get best seat on plane – no matter what the airline is

Travelling can be such a stressful experience – especially when it comes to plane journeys.

The stress of booking seats, as well as the extra cost that may come with it, can be a total nightmare.

Paul Lucas, keen YouTuber who reviews plane and train trips, has given tips on how he finds the best seat on the plane.

The keen reviewer has 266,000 subscribers on the video streaming website, and 21,000 followers on Twitter.

Paul recommended looking at videos online to get a glimpse of what plane cabins look like – and you can do this no matter what the airline is.

Various travel buffs post clips of their experiences and seat numbers, so simply pick which spot looks most appealing to you.

It's also worth taking note of where all the blocked windows are and any other inconveniences – just remember to avoid these seats when making your selection!

Alternatively, one follower suggested using aerolopa, a website which lists all the airlines and creates precise aircraft seating plans.

This helps flyers to pick the best seat possible.

Whether you'd rather be by the window, fire exits, or away from the toilets, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration.

Some followers of the YouTuber replied back to his tweet with their seating horror stories.

One posting a picture of their 'window seat' on the Eurostar.

After they boarded, they realised there was no window at all and just the wall of the train.

Another follower posted a similar experience with EasyJet – where they were left looking at a solid wall for the entire journey. Not ideal!

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