Thieves could use a pen to break into a zipped suitcase

British holidaymakers could be targeted by luggage thieves this summer, if they’re checking a bag for their flight.

Sarah Adekola, a TikTok user (@millenialwealthsarah), explained that thieves only need a pen to break into a zipped suitcase.

In a recent clip, the TikToker showed how easy it was to steal from unsuspecting holidaymakers.

She forced a pen into the zipper and pushed through until it created a gap between the two edges of the zip.

The bag is then easily unlocked by running the zip pull, even if tourists have used a padlock to secure it.

However, according to Sarah, there are a few ways tourists can protect themselves from this trick.

She said: “First, never pick suitcases with zippers like this because people are literally stuffing your stuff with just a pen.

“Basically what people are doing is they’re taking a pen and they are literally just pushing in between there. And they’re getting into your suitcase.”

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Sarah said tourists should go for luggage made from hard material rather than soft squishy bags.

She added that she always chooses a bag with wheels so it’s easier to move and chooses a bag with a concealed zip.

Sarah warned: “I would also go for suitcase brands that give me a lifetime warranty or at least five years.”

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If tourists are worried about how their bag will be treated after they say goodbye to it at the airport, there’s a simple way to try to protect it.

Travellers can stick a ‘Fragile’ stamp on their bag to ensure luggage handlers treat it gently during the process.

Although Sarah said she usually chooses a dark coloured bag, some experts recommend choosing a distinctive piece of luggage so it’s easily spotted at the reclaim.

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