Real life ‘Mario Kart’ comes to the UK where you can power up and race your pals

An innovative new experience is coming to the UK in the form of a real life Mario Kart which video game fans will love.

The crazy action game was founded by Tom Lionetti-Maguire, the creator of The Crystal Maze Live and it throws players into a virtual world inside a real-life video game, to race-battle friends, family, colleagues and rivals.

Chaos Karts is engineered by The Ents Inc and combines the worlds of Go-Karting and Augmented Reality.

The karts and the physical racing is live and the tracks are digitally projected, meaning race options are endless.

Players will burn rubber around an infinite number of tracks in a digitally projected world, while their vehicle interacts with the virtual track, and any challenges other players might “launch” their way.

The karts will be kitted out with features to produce real life sensations and reactions that will immerse competitors fully into the ride of their life.

Pumping music will play while usable in-kart power-ups and weapons let players “battle” until the end of the race.


The lack of physical obstacles on the track, and anti-collision technology, means helmets and driving suits are not required – but you do have to be 13 or over to ride.

Chaos Karts is seconds away from Brick Lane in east London meaning it’s easy to access for those in the capital.

CEO and founder, Tom Lionetti-Maguire, said: “We are so excited to be launching this brand-new attraction, and especially to be doing so this summer.

“Creating a real-life version of a video game has been an obsession for some time and we are delighted to have cracked it.

“Every time you play it, the adrenaline, the pure elation of it… it still surprises me every time.

“The gamification of experiences is a phenomenon that is here to stay, and this is the purest distillation of it… it’s a game and an experience, wrapped up in a whole load of silliness, with a sprinkling of nostalgia for good measure.

“CHAOS KARTS is game changer. All this and opening in time for a summer of fun that we so desperately deserve, is frankly a dream come true!”

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The incredible experience is set to be one of the biggest attractions of 2021.

The attraction will be open to all those over the age of 13 years old, and over the height of 153cm.

Height restrictions apply to ensure the safe operation of the karts.

Tickets for Chaos Karts (from £30 per person), will be go on sale May 18, 2021.

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