‘Quickest’ wrinkle-free ‘folding method’ according to flight attendant

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Finding the best way to pack a suitcase to save time and space is key to avoiding luggage fees at the airport on the next holiday. Flight attendant Miguel Muñoz shared with Express.co.uk his favourite packing hack and claimed that although “some people have been doing this lately”, he came up with the unique idea a few years ago.

Miguel explained: “I have my own method. My issue as a flight attendant is that I spend my life packing and unpacking my suitcase.

“I have to bring extra clothes ‘just in case’ every time I fly even when I don’t have an overnight scheduled because we could always end up staying in a hotel.”

The flight attendant said that his technique is more about “how you place clothes in your wardrobe” rather than focusing on folding them specifically for the suitcase.

“Trust me, this is the best method and the most convenient for me as a flight attendant to save time,” he said.

“Basically, what I do is keep the clothes in my wardrobe and drawers the same way I would place them in my suitcase.”

Miguel places his clothes in the wardrobe as if he was packing his suitcase, “so when I’m packing for a trip, I just have to grab them and place them in the suitcase, without having to do anything else”.

For this, the folding method is important as “you don’t want the clothes taking too much space”.

He always folds them “in little cubes or squares but depending on how big is the drawer I would fold them in rectangles, for example”.

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The flight attendant claimed “this is the quickest way” to pack your bag as “it saves you time folding the clothes to place them in the suitcase and then again when unpacking”.

Miguel explained that people should use this technique every time they do their laundry so “all their clothes are ‘suitcase ready’ whenever you need them”.

“When you get used to it, it becomes the quickest method,” Miguel said and the best part is that is “wrinkly-free”.

The crew member added: “Another important tip with my method is to always have all the items of clothing visible.

“I would never have a pile of jumpers where you can only see the first one. That makes it more difficult to quickly grab the clothes you want when packing your suitcase.”

Miguel previously shared with Express.co.uk other folding methods including the “pile method” or the “clothes pouches” technique. 

In terms of accessories, Miguel said that “it’s very important to only take the items you actually need”.

“Don’t make the mistake of bringing two of each ‘just in case’,” he warned and said that “one pair of flip-flops is enough”.

In the unlikely event travellers lose one, “you can always get new ones at your destination,” the flight attendant suggested.

“Perhaps bring one pair of flip-flops that you can use for everything: to go to the beach, to the swimming pool, to have showers, to go for a walk etc,” Miguel added.

For toiletries, holidaymakers should “only carry the essentials” which often include toothpaste, deodorant and sunscreen. “You don’t need two perfumes! And of course, always in the small travel size,” the crew member said.

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