Plus sized travellers praise cruises over flights – ‘chairs can hold my weight’

A number of plus sized influencers have spoken up in praise of the cruising industry.

They claim they felt more comfortable on ships than they did on flights where they are sometimes “humiliated” for their size.

Brittany Bloomfield, 31, who has thousands of followers on Instagram, @somekindofbeautiful_, was pleasantly surprised when she boarded Disney Cruise Line's Fantasy ship to jaunt around the Caribbean.

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She said that unlike at other holiday resorts the metal chairs supported her, there was plenty of armless seating and the bathrooms were spacious, claims USA Today.

Brittany said: “I wanted to see all these tropical places and I just felt like getting on a plane and crossing the ocean on these long plane rides was never something I was going to be able to do.

“I felt like it changed my life.”

However, she did note that she wished some of the pools had had stairs instead of ladders – though you can request a lift into the water from guest services.

Meanwhile, fellow cruiser Matt Waitt, from Michigan, claims cruising is the “best way to travel” as a plus sized person.

He claims he has to buy an extra seat on flights or passengers will look at him “kind of funny”.

Matt has been on five cruises so far and has no plans to stop.

While Libby Sergey-Kalen said she loved cruises because she didn’t feel like the accommodation – with spacious lavatories and rooms – wasn’t built to accommodate her unlike at other holiday destinations.

Libby did add that she wished cruises would have more excursion options for plus-sized travellers as some had weight limits such as zip-lining.

Over all the happy travellers praised the accessibility of cruising – and shared some tips with fellow larger bodied people.

Libby said to always book a room with a balcony for extra room.

And, Brittany added to call the cruise line ahead of time to ask for recommendations on cabins for your size and mobility.


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