Photo reveals waterfall’s hidden dangers

It’s been the site for life-threatening injuries and drownings and now swimmers are being shown why.

Six people have died at Wattamolla in the last five years, a popular beach with a waterfall in Sydney’s Royal National Park.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service has signs and fences up to deter people from jumping off the 6m high cliff but that still doesn’t stop daredevils attempting to try their luck.

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Sachet Bimali, 27, from Nepal, drowned after jumping off the waterfall in January.Source:Supplied

Now a not-for-profit group is also highlighting the dangers, sharing a warning to beachgoers on their Facebook page.

“Wattamolla waterfall has always been a temptation to the daring and adventurous – despite warning signs and verbal discouragement people still jump off,” the Friends of the Royal National Park group wrote on Facebook.

“Even the tally of death by drowning doesn’t seem to deter those who often aren’t skilled swimmers.

“Here’s a reason to NOT jump in. This 6m tree is about to tip over the edge today. What else is submerged?”

Even someone tagged in the comments on the post wasn’t put off, replying, “I’ll still jump”.

The group had been doing weeding in the area when they came across the large branch.

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The Friends of the Royal National Park group warned how dangerous the waterfall can be.Source:Supplied

Sachet Bimali, from Nepal, drowned after jumping off the waterfall with a female friend.

She resurfaced and swam to safety but he disappeared beneath the surface.

Mr Bimali’s body was found 7m below the surface about 40 minutes later.

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