Passengers should ‘be the first on the plane’ to avoid common issue

King Charles to be a travelling monarch says Arbiter

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Over the summer, many British tourists had issues with their luggage. Photos of piles of lost baggage went viral on social media.

One way to get around the lost luggage issue and to save on baggage fees is to travel with only hand luggage.

An expert team at Airport Parking Reservations told their best hand luggage hacks to help British tourists beat the stress.

They said: “Double check carry-on luggage weight and size restrictions. We’re always triple checking the weight of our hold luggage to avoid extra fees, but did you know some airlines weigh and measure your carry-on?

“The standard weight and size limits for international flights are about 7kg or 15.5 pounds and 56x36x23cm.

“To maximise your space, choose a soft shell bag with multiple compartments and pockets, or invest if you’ve not already got one.”

The team added: “Be the first on the plane. If you are near the end of the queue when it comes to boarding, your carry-on bag may not fit in the overhead compartment meaning you will have to store it under your seat or it could be put into checked luggage.

“This could result in endless waiting at the other end to retrieve your bag. Consider buying priority boarding ahead of time to make sure you’ll be the first on the plane and save time.”

Passengers who board first will have access to the overhead lockers which can sometimes become full quickly.

If the overhead lockers are full, some passengers may be asked to place their bags in the hold.

Although passengers won’t be charged to do this, it does mean they will have to wait at baggage claim for their bag.

The team said: “Charge all your electronics fully before you set off. The last thing you want to be doing after spending hours packing your bag as tight and neat as possible is rummaging around for a charger.

“Avoid this hassle by ensuring all devices are at 100 percent before departing.

“It is also wise to pack your electronics such as straighteners and laptops at the top of your case as you will need to get these out when preparing your bag for security.”

Airport security will usually ask passengers to remove their laptop from their hand luggage before scanning.

If travellers keep electronics at the top of their bag, they should be able to get through security more quickly.

The team added: “Buy things when you get there. Many of your everyday essentials, such as sun cream, sunglasses and sunhats will be available at your destination.

“So why not save space, and consider purchasing these out there?”

The majority of items will be available to buy so travellers could save room in hand luggage by buying them on arrival.

Passengers could also use an airport click and collect service for their toiletries to save room in hand luggage.

If travellers put their new purchases in a duty free bag, it won’t count as hand luggage and they can board the plane with the extra items.

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