‘Naked’ woman leaves plane passengers gobsmacked by outfit choice at airport

A "naked" woman strolling through an airport left passengers gobsmacked – only to realise she was wearing nude leggings.

Avid traveller Scott and his girlfriend Sal document their travel diaries on TikTok – include Mediterranean holidays in Greece to fun-packed trips to Spain.

But Scott was left red-faced when his girlfriend chose to wear nude-coloured pants so pale that people thought she had none on whatsoever.

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"Not my girlfriend wearing these leggings at the airport and everyone thinking she was naked," he wrote in a video.

In the clip, Sal can be seen walking through the airport in a white shirt and skin-tight leggings in beige.

On the overlay, her boyfriend wrote: "Travelling through the airport with my girlfriend really be like this…

"The legging is from SHEIN, I'm sure they didn't look like that then."

One viewer said: "I would definitely have taken a double take."

Another commented: "I have to ask…why the hell did she even buy those?"

"I have a pair from Alo and my mum in Italy thought I wasn't wearing pants," a third shared.

Some said "no one thought about that" but mentioned the colour shade is darker than Sal's skin tone.

It comes after a woman was blasted for picking an "inappropriate" dress to a funeral.

Ky asked her viewers if the black dress was giving any nightclub vibes and people said the outfit was screaming "attention seeking".

One wrote: "It might give yourself too much attention when the funeral shouldn't be focused on you."

Another added: "The dress is too tight on you even if it's at an appropriate length."

Ky was overwhelmed by the comments and revealed that there wasn't any funeral and she was only asking for an opinion.

"But I didn't get an answer for my question – and I also feel like funerals are meant to be slutty!" she added.


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