Most popular European river named and it’s in the UK

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Today is World Rivers Day. All over Europe, cities were built around great waterways that have now turned into tourist attractions.

The most popular European river is in the UK.

Beating competition by heavy-hitters such as the Seine in Paris and the Tiber in Italy, one UK river is taking the top spot as the most popular river in Europe.

The Thames is the most popular river in Europe.

It was tagged a whooping 405,000 times more than the second most popular river on social media.

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Second place was taken by the Danube.

The river is both the second largest river in Europe and the second most popular.

In third was the Elbe.

It was followed by the Seine.

Rounding up the top five was the Ural.

The Thames and the Seine are the only two single country rivers in the top five.

Other popular rivers include the Doura and the Loire.

Both are at the centre of wine-making regions.

Rivers are picturesque features of many cities in Europe.

Tourists may enjoy a stroll along their banks and activities on their waters.

The 10 most popular rivers in Europe

1. Thames

2. Danube

3. Elbe

4. Seine

5. Ural

6. Douro

7. Loire

8. Rhine

9. Vistula

10. Tiber

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