Kate has a tip to always look gorgeous when she steps off planes

Kate Middleton, the Prince of Wales regularly travels the world on official tours. When the plane doors open the Princess always looks absolutely immaculate – from her hair and makeup – to her clothes.

How does the royal ensure she looks her best when she steps off the plane to an inevitable photocall? It comes down to the fabrics she wears.

Kate makes sure she wears wrinkle-free travel clothes including fabrics such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, or olefin. But while she chooses fabrics that are less likely to crease on the long day of engagements on tour, there is still an element of clever packing required.

Scott Henshall, former creative director of Mulberry said: “All the Princess or her ‘people’ have to do is familiarise themselves with the best wrinkle-free fabrics.”

One item the Princess of Wales is thought to use when packing is tissue paper. It helps to keep the clothes separated and therefore makes them less likely to crease.

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Many of her clothes, including formal evening dresses are placed into suit carriers. They have their own row of seats on the plane and are laid out flat to ensure they stay in pristine condition.

Royal staff are often seen carrying many suit carriers off a flight once the royal couple of has greeted their hosts. They are usually juggling dozens of bags of all shapes and sizes – from carry-ons to more structured cases.

Everyone has a coloured label tied onto the handle with a string. This helps staff to deliver the pieces to the direct rooms and offices.

Each has the member of the Royal Family’s name on it and its destination. One of the many bags will also hold the Princess’s go-to beauty essentials.

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She is believed to rely on Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturiser which has a built-in SPF and Heaven’s bee venom mask in black and gold. This is said to tighten the skin.

Her personal hairstylist Amanda Cook Tucker accompanies her on overseas visits. She travels with a large bag of equipment including 13 hairbrushes and the essential Elnett hairspray.

Like the Queen, the Duchess is fairly minimal in what she carries in her handbag. Reportedly she has just a compact mirror, blotting paper, a handkerchief, and lip balm so she can be ready for any photo opportunity.

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