‘Incredible scenery’ and Northern Lights: Travel expert’s ‘wonderful’ UK autumn staycation

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Alex visited the Hebrides. The famous archipelago, off the west coast of Scotland, is a remote and romantic part of the British Isles.

Alex hosts Off The Grid and Backpack on Travelxp. She also shares her travels on her Youtube and Instagram, where she boasts 156k subscribers and 59k followers respectively.

The travel expert took her own vehicle and navigated the islands of Mull, Skye North Uist and Iona.

The expert praised the islands for the wildlife, the scenery and the food.

Alex, who also recently recommended another staycation spot to avoid “busy” Cornwall and Devon, told Express.co.uk: “I travelled between the islands by ferry for a couple of reasons.


“Firstly, I wanted to take a vehicle to have the freedom to travel at my own pace, and secondly on some of the routes, CalMac Ferries have a wildlife officer on board to help passengers spot dolphins, minke whales and porpoises.

“I had some wonderful wildlife encounters including a pod of common dolphins swimming alongside the boat on a trip to see (the isle of) Staffa.”

The islands are covered in ancient rocks, some of which are among the oldest in Europe.

Craggy peaks and Gaelic-speaking villages are some of the unique features of the area.

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“The scenery in the Hebrides was just incredible,” Alex said. “I was stopping every few kilometres to take photos and just admire the views.”

Jutting out from the North Atlantic Ocean, the islands have access to some incredible fish.

“It’s a great area for foodies too and the seafood I had there was some of the freshest and tastiest I’ve tried in years,” Alex said.

“The Hebrides actually have a lot to offer for all types of travellers, there are incredible historical places like Duart Castle, famous distilleries, great hiking and some lovely boutique guesthouses and hotels.

“The ruggedness of the landscapes means the Hebrides can actually feel like quite a romantic place too.

“In fact, on the ferry over to North Uist, I met a couple travelling for their honeymoon, as they wanted to go somewhere unique and peaceful.

“It’s a wonderful Autumn getaway as you’re far enough North to sometimes get the opportunity to see the Northern Lights.”

The Outer Hebrides are a good location to spot the Northern Lights from.

The generally secluded area lacks light pollution, helping viewers spot the aurora borealis.

The Northern Lights are known at Fir Chlis in Gaelic and can be spotted in the Outer Hebrides from September to April.

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