‘I left the UK for resort with 88p pints, sun, cheap rent and extreme strippers’

Plenty of Brits have looked into emigrating abroad – with tens of thousands doing so each year. Australia and New Zealand are always popular choices, but for those who want somewhere closer to home Spain is popular too.

Oftentimes the motivator is a lower-cost-of-living, sunny weather and beautiful beaches. That’s part of what motivated Frank – known as the Stag Man – when he moved abroad 11 years ago, but there’s another side to the travel organiser’s love of his new home Benidorm.

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Speaking to Daily Star, Frank, who posts on TikTok as @frankthestagman, explained that he moved over to Benidorm 11 years ago. What he discovered was a gorgeous town with great weather, cheap booze and an appetite for extreme tourism.

Frank lives in the town where he organises stag and hen dos with his partner Jade Benidorm – a stripper and model who performs sex shows. He explained: "It’s just different, you’ve got the sun and you’ve got the people. I was drawn to wanting to be around people who were happy and having a great time.

"I’ve been here 11 years organising stag and hen party groups so you can imagine the amount of numbers we have crunched people wise. Plus, it’s very extreme here compared to the UK. It’s crazy, it’s modern and it’s what people want."

Frank noted that some of the entertainment on offer is much more risqué than you would get in Britain. He organises transfers from the airport for his stags where his partner Jade strips off in the car and "spends time on the bus naked".

He added: "I’m known for taking it to its limits – I do all the extreme strippers, the dwarfs, the drag stripper. It’s pretty graphic."

Extreme strippers are those who use sex toys as part of their performance. Plus, he also offers hen do strippers where the man "waves his tackle around".

Benidorm, Frank claims, is the perfect place for such behaviour. He told the Travel team: "It's very extreme, like when you compare it to the UK, you wouldn't get any of this. And the thing is, is that they're lining up for it.

"We are flat out, we’re so busy it’s unreal. And, it’s happening on a massive scale, it’s not a backstreet thing – this is the norm and it’s why Benidorm is number one.

"You’ve got these sections of Benidorm with this wild side of it that represents probably 80% of tourism here."

While Frank claims that Benidorm is a Mecca of hedonism, the region has been putting more rules in place over recent years. These include fines for walking around the town topless or in a bikini, smoking or drinking alcohol on the beach or going on the beach after a certain time.

We asked Frank whether such restrictions were having an effect on the extreme tourism he so loves. The stag do organiser commented: "They are the rules, they are the laws, and they should be followed.

"But, the reality is that they often aren’t. You see everyone walking around with no t-shorts on and the girls wearing thongs.

"People are walking along the beach, they are bringing cups down to the beach and people are smoking on the beach. The police here are very, very relaxed and they’re not harassing anyone."

But, other than the wild freedom Frank and British tourists seem to enjoy. He also notes that Benidorm is a glorious place to live even if you don’t want to delve into the world of strippers and sex shows.

He commented that the cost-of-living in Spain is drastically lower than in the UK. According to howtobuyinSpain the average rental property in Spain is 33% lower than in the UK, while food is 19.2% cheaper and restaurants are 29.7% cheaper.

Hiker’s Bay claims that a bottle of beer can cost as little as £1.20 in the area too, while a Benidorm legend has previously told Daily Star that he’s bagged them for 88p alongside a £2 fry up and free shots.

Frank explained: "I’m quite privileged and the cost of living being cheaper wasn’t a motivator for me. But, the cost is cheaper and being a tourist is cheaper as well. It’s great because it means more people have access to the place."

For the stag do icon, the people in Benidorm are a huge part of its draw too. He noted: "My main motivation was to have a better life. Out here you can do that. It’s one of those places where people are happy.

"People are on holiday and they’re happy – a big mix of people from different backgrounds, different amounts of money and everyone can come. You’ve also got the sun, the climate and the type of place it is – it’s pretty inspiring."

Frank added: "You can’t compare it in any shape or form. I love England, they’re two amazing places, but Benidorm for me was somewhere I fell in love with straight away."

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