Hundreds of tourists strip off for nudist cruise around Med with naked beach day

A new cruise has embarked this week that’s unlike any other – mainly because most of the guests are naked! The Royal Clipper ship has set off on its latest nudist sailing.

Run by Bare Necessities the cruise is heading around the Mediterranean, visiting hotspots like volcanos Etna, Vesuvius, Stomboli and the island of Vulcano. Just like on any other cruise, passengers will stop off at various ports to soak up the local culture.

Over the week, they’ll stop off in Rome, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre and Portofino in Italy. While the cruise itself is a naked zone, while chowing down pasta and wandering the cobbled streets the guests will need to wear clothing.

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They’ll also visit Lipari, Palermo and Taormina in Sicily and Villefranche in France, Costa Smeralda in Sardinia and Caldi in Corsica – and there's even a stop at a legal nude beach where the 227 holidaymakers can strip off.

But, it’s while the holidaymakers are on board the ship that they’ll be feeling au natural. On the naked cruise you can wander around without a shred of clothing on.

Of course, it’s good manners to take a towel around with you to sit on but otherwise the cruise, sun loungers, walkways and three pools are all clothing-optional. The only place you can't have your tackle out is in the formal dining room which is probably good as you don't want to see someone's bits while eating your meat and two veg…

There's plenty of fun to be had too as the ship has a grand piano bar and a fun tropical bar where you can sip cocktails with your bits out, not to mention there's also a spa to grab a relaxing massage and marble steam room for lounging in.

In the classic vessel which is made to look like the ships of yesteryear you can even climb the rigging. Guests will feel like a – naked – pirate in no time as they enjoy the five-sail ship.

The Cruise Bare website states: "This marks Bare Necessities’ seventeenth sailing on the Royal Clipper, and the thirtieth charter overall with our travel partners at Star Clippers.

"It doesn’t seem like nearly twenty-three years ago when when we first sailed on the Royal. Enjoy a few photos from that maiden voyage in October 2000, as we celebrate our past, present, and future cruises on this enchanting ship."

Bare Necessities cruises run a number of naked cruises including the Wonders of the Mediterranean, the Big Nude Boat and Sailing the Greek Aisles. Helen Berriman and her husband Simon, both 47, from Bromley, London, enjoyed a naked cruise around the Bahamas with the company.

Helen commented: "I used to struggle with body positivity and confidence, but now I am so different. My body is my vessel.

"You can be nude anywhere around the ship, apart from when docking in certain ports, and if you wanted to go into any of the formal dining rooms."

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