Hotel cleaner explains which part of room isn’t ‘clean’

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Felicity worked as a hotel cleaner for a four star hotel in the UK. She shared her experiences with and why kettles may not be clean.

While many guests do try to keep their room relatively clean, Felicity said cleaners are exposed to some “disgusting” sights.

She said: “Once I found a used sanitary pad upright on the floor. And the whole room smelt of blue cheese, it was disgusting.”

Unfortunately quite a few guests also left their toilets in a state and didn’t clean up before check-out.

“Please flush your poo! And remember to put things like makeup wipes into the bin rather than leaving them on the floor,” said Felicity.

Hotel cleaning staff have a difficult job and are often under tight time pressure to prepare a room for the next guest.

Felicity told there are a few things that guests can do to make life easier for cleaning staff.

She said: “If there’s two beds in a room and you don’t use one, it’s really nice if you don’t touch it all. Then I don’t have to remake it.”

If there’s an extra bed or towels, it’s helpful for cleaning staff if guests don’t use it at all during their stay.

Felicity added: “It’s really helpful if people take their sheets off the bed when they leave but that could differ between hotels.”

Stripping the bed can save hotel cleaning staff a lot of time and won’t take guests long at the end of a stay.

Guests can leave the used sheets on the floor and put used towels in the bath to make it easier for cleaning staff.

Hotel rooms are usually cleaned to a high standard but Felicity warned there’s one item guests should avoid.

She warned “Don’t use the kettles or mugs and if you do clean them first. Most people didn’t clean them.”

If cleaning staff are in a rush they may not have time to clean the kettles so guests check them first.

While it’s not compulsory to tip hotel cleaning staff, Felicity said it’s always a nice surprise when guests leave something.

She said: “People left notes sometimes and even some tips. Only a couple of pounds but those sorts of things made me smile.”

She added: “The most annoying time was cleaning up after a bridal party and there were hair grips all over the floor.

“You can’t hoover them up so we had to go round picking them all up by hand.”

Felicity’s hotel never had bedbugs but experts have warned hotel guests never to put their suitcase on the bed as it could risk the creatures getting on clothes.

According to experts, the safest place to leave a suitcase is on the luggage rack or in front of the door.

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