Holidaymakers say hotel room hairdryers can be extra useful in bathrooms

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Travel insiders have been sharing heaps of their tips for getting the most out of a hotel room, including a nifty trick to get a bigger room for free, or even why you should avoid the hotel room safe when stashing your valuables.

Now, one person has revealed that the bathroom hairdryer could actually have some secret extra uses, as well as helping you achieve the ideal blowdry before a night out.

As reported by The Sun, holidaymakers were sharing their top tips on Quora after one user asked: "What is your most clever hotel room hack?"

One traveller replied: "Use your hotel hairdryer to defeat the mirror fog as it will removed the condensation – I usually draw a box and it comes clear quickly.

"Another option would be to take shaving cream and wipe it on the mirror before the shower – when you’re done with the shower wherever you put the shaving cream will be fog free."

There are plenty of other easy tricks for making your hotel stay that little bit smoother.

One flight attendant has previously shared the hacks they picked up travelling around the world – including why it's worth replacing your hotel room key.

Nowadays most modern hotels require you to put your key card in a slot by the door to activate the likes of the lights and air con, to control the energy in the room.

The trick? "Replace your room key with a spare card to keep on the air con and your things charging".

It means when you leave your hotel room and take the key card with you, the air con switches off so you don't come back to a cool room when staying somewhere hot and sunny.

However, you can replace the room key with another card – and that might keep appliances on while you're out. It's worth asking for a second card when you check-in – if you use one of your own cards, there's a risk you may accidentally leave it behind!

Have you got a great hotel hack you want to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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