France holiday travel warning issued as widespread street riots continue

France welcomes around 17 million British nationals every year, and while it is a mostly safe destination, tourists have been issued a stark travel warning.

A new update from the Government has urged visitors heading to France to “monitor the media” and “check the latest advice with operators” following street protests.

Since June 27, unrest and some violent protests have spread through the streets of Paris and other locations across the nation, following the fatal shooting of a teenager by local police.

In a statement, the UK Government warned that the protests could cause disruption to travel networks near where the riots are happening.

It reads: “The protests may lead to disruptions to road travel or targeting of parked cars in areas where protests take place.”

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Tourists have been told to monitor the media, avoid protests, and check the latest advice with operators when travelling.

The warning comes after French authorities banned a rally by groups opposed to the government in Iran planned for July 1 in Paris, due to concerns about security risks.

However, connected events are reported to still be going ahead, including in the suburb of Auvers-sur-Oise – on the northwestern outskirts of Paris.

The Government said: “A demonstration by the same group in Paris in June 2018 was the target of an attempted bomb attack.

“British nationals should reconsider any plans to attend such meetings, and if you do, be aware of your surroundings at all times, and move away quickly from disturbances.”

Paris’s regional President announced that bus and tram services in the capital and wider region will stop at 9pm (local time) tonight.

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Earlier this afternoon, a march led by the mother of the 17-year-old boy who was shot by police erupted into chaos.

On Wednesday night, public transport was targeted as riots spread throughout the city and beyond.

According to the BBC, 40,000 police officers are expected to be deployed today to deal with a possible third night of violence.

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