Flight attendant ‘tried not to laugh’ after couple caught joining Mile High Club
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    A flight attendant of four years has opened up about her life at 35,000ft and the false assumptions people make.

    She claims that while cabin crews do date it’s not all wild hookups and parties – many couples are actually married.

    However, people still have cheeky thoughts while flying as she’s caught passengers trying join the mile high club…

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    Kali Harlow, who posts on Instagram @blondieinwanderland, is based in New Jersey, US, and has been a flight attendant for four years.

    She has over 27,000 followers who love her adventurous travels having been to 32 countries and 43 US states.

    However, Kali claims that people believe a lot of untrue things about flight attendants.

    While other cabin crew members claim pilots and stewardesses often hook up Kali says it’s much more low key than that.

    She told the Daily Star: “I work with a lot of people who are married or are dating each other. The stereotype that crew on crew happens in the air is just a stereotype.

    “We are in a professional environment, most people just do their job and go home. It’s not used as a fantasy world that people like to think of.”

    Despite this, passengers often see planes as a world of their own where they can get away with naughty antics.

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    Kali laughed: “Yes I have caught one couple trying to get a taste of the mile high club. Of course, professionally I had to ask them to stop but on the inside I was really trying not to laugh about it.”

    Luckily, the pros outweigh the cons of long hours, rude passengers and not being paid when checking in…

    Her favourite part of being a flight attendant is “the lifestyle”.

    She explained: “It’s something so different than your normal 9-5 job. Instead of going to eat pasta on my lunch break at a 9-5 job, I can just hop on a plane and eat pasta in Italy if that’s what I prefer.

    “I love the fact I don’t have to ‘live for the weekend.’

    “Ever since I was a little girl that was never appealing to me, I didn’t want to bust my tail Monday-Friday just to have a little freedom on Saturday and Sunday… and now, I don’t.”

    Kali gets to visit some truly beautiful places on her shifts.

    The Instagram blogger noted: “I personally don’t have a favourite place to fly to as each place or country has a different culture or experience there, which is beautiful to me.

    “This world is so wide and the experiences it has to offer is so exhilarating.

    “However, a place I am yearning to go back to visit is Israel.

    “I would like to spend a week there visiting all the holy sites as there is a feeling visiting them that replaces no other.”


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