Flight attendant shares secret code name for passengers they fancy onboard

Cabin crew staff have a very important role of making sure passengers have a smooth flight.

The flight attendants also take care of travellers by serving them food and drink too.

But when things aren't going too well, the workers – like everyone else – sometimes need to vent.

And when they need to communicate to each other, they use very specific language to speak about passengers.

Over the years, flight attendants have come up with their very own code words.

Before his death, cabin crew member Owen Beddall exposed his secrets in his 2014 book Confessions of a Qantas Flight Attendant.

He explained the workers would use the word "Bob".

But before you think it's a just a name to remember you, it actually stands for "Best On Board".

Other flight attendants have revealed in the past that there's a game called "Cheerio" that is played in the cabin.

One worker wrote on a cabin crew forum: "There's the cheerio game you can play when passengers disembark."

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The worker added: "When you're standing there going 'bye, thank you, take care', when you see someone you fancy, you say 'cheerio'.

"You need to do it with a buddy and the challenge is to keep a straight face."

Previously, crew members revealed they use a special code to reassure frightened passengers.

As some passengers are afraid to fly, the cabin crew staff might use "Air Pocket" to warn each other that a disturbance is expected.

The term refers to turbulence but may help reassure those who find flying an anxious experience.

So the next time you hear the pilot talking about an air pocket, just know the journey might be a little bit bumpy.

On another occasion, cabin crew staff detailed an emergency trick that "passengers don't know" about.

The staff member explained passengers should "count the seat backs to the closest exit".

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