Flight attendant says middle seat armrests are only for passengers in the middle

A flight attendant has finally put to rest one of the most contentious topics to have arisen in the course of air travel – which armrests is the person in the middle seat entitled to?

With rows of three seats common on short and long-haul journeys, arguments often erupt in the confined galley of the plane over who can use the armrests.

Now, appearing on the Confessions on the Fly podcast, flight attendant Boris Millan has attempted to put the debate to rest.

Discussing the contentious topic, the podcasts’ presenters LJ Salerno and Jo, and their guest all agreed on the answer.

Boris explained: “They did a lot of research for some reason in the UK about this – the middle seat – when you sit in the middle seat, you get to have…”

Filling in the gap, podcast co-host LJ Salerno exclaimed: “You get both armrests!”

Affirming this, Boris continued: “It’s common sense guys.”

Aside from the weighty topic of armrest deadlock between passengers, the hosts also revealed a few other tips to help ease passengers’ stress when flying.

A crucial piece of well-worn guidance from Boris is to leave as much time as possible to get to the airport and prepare before a flight.

He said: “People give themselves as much stress as they want to have, you don’t have to have a stressful flight, you really don’t.

“If you get to the airport at the last minute, and you don’t give yourself enough time, then of course you’re going to be stressed.”

Another trick revealed was to always buy tickets directly from the airline, rather than using third party sites.

“You do not get a cheaper ticket on an airline if you buy it through Expedia, or any other third party,” Boris instructed.

“I recommend everybody to do it directly with airlines. It’s the best thing, you can choose your seat and anything that happens, you deal directly with the airline and you don’t have to deal with a third party.”

Finally, Boris was keen to prevent passengers from arriving on board only to find that their bag does not fit in the overhead lockers.

He urged travellers not to overpack, saying: “Those backpacks, they’re huge. You know they’re not going to fit.

“You can fill it at home… That doesn’t mean it’s going to fit on an airplane. It’s crazy what people do with their bags.”

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