Expats: The 10 best countries for ‘sun-seeking’ Britons to retire – full list

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Spending retirement relaxing in the sunshine may sound like a dream for many, but for some lucky expats it is a reality. New research by Our Life plan, took the “95 happiest countries from across the world” based on the World Happiness Report, and ranked them across six categories to determine which came out on top for retirees.

Factors included “happiness” ranking, “cost of living”, “average monthly salary, “average yearly temperature” and “number of sunshine hours” per year.

Using these factors, Our Life Plan then scored countries with a “happy retirement index number”.

The top 10 “happiest” countries for retirement were found to be:

  1. United Arab Emirates with a “happy retirement index number” of 7.76
  2. Australia with a “happy retirement index number” of 7.51
  3. Israel with a “happy retirement index number” of 7.42
  4. Bahrain with a “happy retirement index number” of 7.31
  5. Saudi Arabia with a “happy retirement index number” of 7.31
  6. Cyprus with a “happy retirement index number” of 7.04
  7. Spain with a “happy retirement index number” of 6.79
  8. Malta with a “happy retirement index number” of 6.157
  9. Colombia with a “happy retirement index number” of 6.70
  10. Thailand with a “happy retirement index number” of 6.68

The study found the United Arab Emirates could be the “happiest place to retire” with an overall score of 7.76.

Researchers from Our Life Plan point to the yearly temperature being 27 degrees and average yearly sunshine amounts to a whopping 3,508 hours, as the reason why the nation came out on top.

A medium cost of living and a high average monthly salary of more than £2,000 also contributed to this.

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Following the UAE in second place, is Australia.

Our Life Plan said: “Scoring an impressive 7.137 on the happiness index category and with an overall score of 7.51, Australia is a great option if you’re looking to retire further afield.”

For Britons, however, European countries may seem more within reach for retirement.

Our Life Plan said: “If you’re looking to retire in Europe, then Cyprus is a great choice.

“With sun all year round, average yearly temperatures of 19.6 degrees (temperatures reach 35 degrees in the summer months), and a happiness index score of 6.26, it’s the right option for retirees to enjoy whilst soaking up the sunshine.”

Cyprus is well-known for its combination of stunning beaches, seaside restaurants, cafes, and Old Towns.

Other good options listed in the research include Spain and Malta.

Our Life Plan gave Spain an overall score of 6.79, naming it the second happiest country in Europe to retire to and the 7th worldwide.

Very close behind Spain is Malta, which scored 6.74.

However, it is important to note that this index does not take into account the ease of obtaining a visa.

In order to relocate abroad, Britons will likely be required to obtain legal rights to reside in a country.

This process varies depending on where in the world an expat has set their sights.

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